How are Warts & Videos Linked…?

The beauty of iPhone filming

If you are property hunting, do you like to see property videos or virtual viewings?

I have to admit to being a bit of a sceptic when it came to the usefulness of video viewings or virtual viewings. Would a prospective applicant really offer on a property if they hadn’t been there? And what really did a video add if there were a good set of still photos?

In my quest to keep up to date with technology to ensure we are giving our agency and our clients the best chance of being seen in an increasingly busy market place, I have looked at video company services for our industry. You will know what I mean, like a mini movie with credits, music and seamless shots focused on the highlights of the property. All very nice but do they actually add anything to the viewing experience. I was not convinced they did – nice to have, but worth paying several hundred pounds to be produced and edited? – I didn’t think so.

Along comes covid19, our worlds are turned upside down, we are locked at home and can’t visit properties. People still need to move, even if it’s not straight away during lockdown. Students need to arrange accommodation for the next academic year, in the hope that life will have returned to some sort of normality by September.

That’s when I realised I needed to think again about video viewings!

Before lockdown we managed to produce a number of videos of our properties either on the market or about to come on. But unlike the slick professionally produced videos I mentioned above, these, as I like to describe them, are ‘warts and all videos’. They were mostly filmed while tenants were living there so they look lived in.

HOWEVER, they are a true tour of the property showing how the house/flat is laid out, how spacious the rooms are, how the property flows from one room to another.

In this time of lockdown, when we cannot visit the properties ourselves, we now have access to some very clever software that allows our tenants or sellers to make the videos themselves. They get a video showing them how to do it and are easily able to send their video across to us. Then we can add the audio, edit if needs be and send it out to any interested applicants.

I have to say it’s a great solution to the situation we find ourselves in.

Our viewers love them and find them really useful.

We actually agreed lets on two properties last week on the back of video viewings!

Without the video option I suspect we would not have managed to let those properties.

Have a look at a couple of our properties on the market and see what you think of the videos. ,