Selling Your Property? What Not to Include in Your Property Marketing Photos

We look at the dos and don’ts of photography when it comes to marketing your home.
When selling or letting a property, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of getting the imagery right.
As most buyers and renters spend hours scrolling through property portals before arranging viewings, first impressions are crucial.
So why then do so many people get it wrong? Such is the volume of bad estate agency photos out there, that there are entire websites dedicated to mocking dodgy property pics (check out Terrible Estate Agency Photos).
To avoid becoming an object of ridicule, here is a list of what NOT to include in your marketing photos.
Cluttered rooms – too much furniture, over-sized furniture for the size of the room, too many ornaments and decorative pieces or lots of small pieces of furniture.

Toilet seats up! Make sure toilet lid is closed & remove too many toiletries & towels.

Cluttered kitchens –  work tops, lots of fridge magnets or fridge mounted artwork, tea towels, oven gloves & the like draped over oven handles. These sort of things are not so noticeable in reality but they really detract from the image when photographed.

Grimy windows – clean sparkling windows always improve not only photos but the amount of light in a property and light, bright properties are always attractive to  buyers.

Untidy front gardens
Worn out door mats, tired paintwork on front door – Think Kerb Appeal – it may be a cliché but it’s true – first impressions do count.

Intimate portraits of yourself or family. So, you’ve been to life drawing classes and are rather proud of that racy charcoal sketch you did of your beloved. We love your creativity but please keep such personal items out of sight.
All creatures great and small should be left out of property photos. They only serve as a distraction and make people wonder if the house smells
These are the most extreme examples of property photo fails, but the principle stands for all property marketing imagery. Make sure every room is clutter-free and clean and plan the shots.
Ideally get a professional to take the photographs for you. They’ll understand how to make the best use of light and to make rooms look spacious and airy.

Here at Househandlers we get the picture. We’re experts at showing homes at their best and always use professional property photos.