Seven quick and easy ways to work from home

Seven quick ways to work from home successfully; how technology and the Coronavirus are changing the way people work across Surbiton & Kingston

Seven quick and easy ways to work from home

Way before the Coronavirus outbreak seized the headlines, there was already a significant movement of people working from home in the Surbiton & Kingston area.

At Househandlers we’ve increasingly seen over the past few years home buyers and renters wanting spaces within their dream properties that they can work in.

Many employers, large and small, are now actively encouraging their staff to work from home to reduce the risk of the virus spreading in the foreseeable future.

Of course, not everyone has the option to work from home, but those that do can benefit from our seven tips on how to work from home successfully below.

Seven Steps To Work From Home:

  1. Set a routine Working set hours will give you structure and set work boundaries.
  2. What to wear? How would you dress for work? Not in your Pyjamas we’re guessing. So, act as if you are going to the office even if you are working from home. Dress as you would for working in the office.
  3. Choose a work spot. Having a dedicated work area at home helps you get organised and be more productive. Whether it’s the kitchen or dining table or a desk, choose a spot and call that your workspace.
  4. Avoid work creep. Meaning don’t let your work spill over into your non-work time. It’s a particularly easy trap to fall into, especially when working from home, so stick to that routine you set in point 1.
  5. Schedule a couple of calls. It’s easy to feel isolated when working from home, so take time out to call a colleague rather than email. This will help you maintain a sense of human connection, which is something we all need to a degree.
  6. Diarise distractions. Working from home conjures up many more distractions than the office or usual workplace. Kids, pets, the doorbell, putting a load in the washing machine! Be realistic and build space into your working day to allow time for those distractions.
  7. Yes, the advice may well be to work from home and avoid places where large numbers of people are congregating. But it’s important for your mental health to get outdoors in the fresh air, even if it’s a walk around the block.

It’s very much business as usual here at Househandlers, but we are taking the NHS advice on steps we can all take to keep ourselves, our clients and our community safe and healthy.

We’d love to hear your working from home tips.

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