Tenants – Application Process

Tenants – Application Process

If this is your first time renting a property or you have rented before but not quite sure how we do things here, we have put together below a guide as to how our application process works.

The Viewing

When you book a viewing with us, we will do our best to accomodate the most convenient time for you, this includes evenings and weekends.  You will always be met by one of the Househandlers team at the property.

The Offer

Once you have found the perfect property for you and contact us to make an offer to the landlord, we will ask you a few short questions about your background, such as your current employment status, the type of work that you do and who will be living with you at the property.  This isn’t just us being nosey, we find that our landlords welcome the opportunity to know more about who will applying for tenancy at their property from the beginning of the process.

Tenancy Application

Once your offer has been accepted, we will send you an application form which will need to be completed by all adults wishing to reside at the property.  The form together with supporting documentation required (eg. photo ID, payslips, bank account statements) should be returned to us within 7  days.

Tenant Fees – payable immediately after your offer has been accepted

  • Tenancy application fee is £180.00 per person (non-refundable).  This covers the cost of processing your application, including all referencing & credit checks.
  • Holding deposit of £500.00 per tenancy application.  This will hold the property for you for a maximum of 7 working days whilst you submit your application form and supporting documentation (refundable if your tenancy application is not successful but not if you change your mind). The holding deposit amount paid will be deducted from the total deposit amount due before your tenancy commences – see Tenant Deposit
  • Guarantor application fee is £100.00 per person (non-refundable).  A guarantor will only be required if your financial/employment stability does not meet our current criteria.

Referencing & Credit Checks

We will request references for all tenants (and guarantors, if required) from current/previous landlords, current/previous employers and carry out full credit history checks.

This will usually be the end of the application process but if we require any further information throughout the process we will contact you.  When your application has been processed, we will advise you of the outcome.

Tenancy Agreement

A tailored tenancy agreement will be drawn up for you by Househandlers and sent to all parties for signature via our automated electronic online signature service.


A deposit of 1.5 x monthly rent is required as a deposit and will be required before you move into the property.  You will have already paid the holding deposit of £500.00 and this will be deducted from the total deposit balance due at this stage (example, monthly rent £1250.00 = £1875.00 total deposit less £500.00 holding deposit paid = £1375.00 balance payable).

All deposits are registered and protected by a deposit protection scheme (Deposit Protection Service) until the end of your tenancy.  This is a legal requirement and will ensure that your rights are protected.

Moving In

Once we have received the signed tenancy agreement, first rent payment and full deposit we will schedule a check-in appointment for you.  You will be met at the property by a representative of an independent inventory company who will check you in and provide you with the keys to your new home.  Shortly after you have moved in you will receive a full copy of the inventory of the property and it’s contents for your records.

Support During Your Tenancy

If your home is managed by Househandlers, your point of contact during the tenancy will be our property management team – see CURRENT TENANTS for more information.

If your home is not managed by Househandlers, your landlord will be your contact and you will be provided with their details when you move in.

At  The End of Your Tenancy

Renew? We will contact you at least 2 months before the end of your tenancy and ask you if you want to renew your tenancy. If you want to renew in principle, we will then discuss with the landlord about renewal terms. We will make you an offer of renewal, if the landlord is happy to renew. If you wish to take up the renewal you will be asked to pay the Renewal Fee of £120 (£100 + vat). You will then receive your renewal contract for signature. If your rent amount has changed you will need to adjust your standing order payment to coincide with the first rent payment in the new tenancy period.

Leave? If you choose not to renew or the landlord does not invite you to renew than you will have to leave the property by or on the last day of the tenancy agreement. You will get further information about this process in good time to prepare. There will  a Check Out Fee to pay, depending on the size of the property the Check Out Fee ranges from £180 – £432. This covers the cost of the check out report and process (the landlord pays for the Check In and inventory preparation at the beginning of your tenancy).