What’s going on at househandlers cleaning



At househandlers cleaning we are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience.


So our latest initiative is to introduce visits to our cleaners while on the job. Our trusty and very experienced cleaning supervisor, Albena, will periodically visit the cleaners while they are at work in our clients’ homes.

The purpose of this is two fold – it gives Albena a better understanding of the quality of clean that our cleaners are delivering and a perfect opportunity for on the job training. Plus a chance to chat with our clients and ensure that the cleaning service they are getting is meeting their needs.

It is our intention that our cleaners really get to know their clients and the cleaning needs of the home. We recognise that there are some core cleaning chores that need to be carried out each time the cleaner visits but usually there are other jobs too that don’t need to be done on each visit or there isn’t sufficient time to do them each and every time. For example window cleaning – the kitchen window over the sink may get splashed or the French doors leading to the garden may suffer from sticky finger marks and require cleaning on each visit but probably the bedroom windows only need cleaning every few weeks. We want to train our cleaning staff to ensure these sorts of jobs are getting done when they are required. Albena’s housekeeping experience is invaluable here in training our cleaners on how to first assess and then manage the cleaning needs of their clients.

So look out for Albena’s visits over the next few months, she could be coming to a kitchen near you soon!